We are a group of young entrepreneurs and professionals who believe that it is inevitable for Türkiye to realize the National Technology Initiative in order to raise its voice for a better world and to be one of developed societies in terms of economy and life quality.

Murat Ceylan Member of the Board of Trustees

Murat Ceylan graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 2008. His first venture, Chocnette, made more than 1 million people happy every year with its own technology and 40 branches. It installed the largest LED screens in our country with the Outgate brand, which operates in the digital outdoor advertising sector.

He made Türkiye's first real-time 3D simulation film and produced a 6-axis helicopter simulation machine. It exhibited the historical and cultural places of Istanbul with its Skyride and Flyride brands to more than 3 million visitors. He designed and produced Hezarfen Flight Simulation for Turkish Airlines. It produced antenna tracking systems that enable unmanned aerial vehicles to communicate, and established command and control centers in 10 countries. In addition to its activities in the food, tourism and advertising sectors, it continues its software and product development activities with Ed Technology company.

Ceylan, who was a Member of the Board of Trustees in the establishment of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation in 2016, has been serving as an Executive Board Member at the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival since 2018. He mentors entrepreneurs in order to benefit the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Ceylan, who plays the zither and violin as a hobby, is married and has three children.