We are a group of young entrepreneurs and professionals who believe that it is inevitable for Türkiye to realize the National Technology Initiative in order to raise its voice for a better world and to be one of developed societies in terms of economy and life quality.


The T3 Foundation is a non-governmental organization that carries out various projects with the goal of a technology developing Turkey. Our foundation was founded in December 2016 by a group of young entrepreneurs and young professionals and began operating in January 2017 in order to make science and technology accessible to all segments of society, train our young people under equal opportunities and turn the National Technology Initiative into a culture in the long term.

As the T3 Foundation, we aim to enable talented young people and people from all age groups to participate in the technology development process, support startups, projects and activities for the development of technologies whose national and genuine production is a priority in accordance with their strategic importance, contribute to the development of entrepreneurship culture in technology and to scientific studies in all these fields.

The Turkish Technology Team Foundation was founded in December 2016 by a group of young entrepreneurs and young professionals who believe that realizing the National Technology Initiative is inevitable for Turkey to raise its voice for a better world and become a truly developed and fully independent society and began operating in January 2017. You can find detailed information about our Board of Trustees and Board members on the "Board" page.

As the T3 Foundation, we provide various science, art and technology trainings to our students in Deneyap Technology Workshops and in our science centers as part of the Bilim Türkiye project.

Deneyap Technology Workshops are established to train future engineers, technology entrepreneurs and technology leaders within the scope of Deneyap and Deneyap Turkey projects. Deneyap Technology Workshops, which were created within the scope of the Technology Stars of the Future Program, were established in Istanbul in July 2017 as a project of the Foundation. Deneyap Technology Workshops are spreading all over Turkey within Deneyap Turkey project launched in 2018. Establishing Deneyap Technology Workshops in 81 provinces within the scope of the Deneyap Turkey project is aimed with the joint work of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, TÜBİTAK and our Foundation.

Bilim Türkiye is a project that aims to make science and technology comprehensible and accessible to the whole society by establishing science centers throughout Turkey. 7 different science centers were established in Istanbul, Gaziantep and Erzurum within the scope of the project. 7 workshop spaces suitable for providing training to 6- to 14-year-old students through hands-on activities, an exhibition hall including interactive experimental setups that reflects the cultural features of the local, and a planetarium allowing children to learn abstract concepts by embodying them are located in the science centers established within the Bilim Türkiye project to which our foundation provided free consultancy during the project development process. It is aimed to raise a generation that has critical thinking, collaboration, communication and self-learning skills as well as being creative through trainings provided within the Bilim Türkiye project.

The “National Technology Initiative” covers all efforts to develop national and unique technological products and systems in line with Turkey's goals of development and strengthening its independence in every aspect. The goal of National Technology Initiative is a Turkey that develops and exports technology, produces high added value, has a high capacity of R&D.

Within our foundation, we have programs and trainings intended for all age groups. You can register for the programs you are interested in by following our activities on our social media accounts and website. You can also register by clicking on the "Become a Volunteer" button on our website in order to take part in the activities of the Foundation voluntarily.

As the T3 Foundation, we organize the National Teams of Technology Support Program in order to support teams that aim to specialize in certain fields of technology and develop projects, help them realize their projects and participate in national/international competitions. We provide such thing as materials needed, transportation to the city/country where the competition will take place, training and consultancy to the teams that are entitled to receive support within the scope of the program.

Only group applications of the teams working in the same project are accepted; individual applications shall not be evaluated. These groups do not have to be part of any club or organization. Applications from independent project groups are also accepted.

Teams that will not participate in any competition, but need financial and technical support to advance their ideas and works in technology and take their works a step further can apply for the support program.

It is our first priority for startups to create added value through technology in critical areas that will increase the competitiveness of our country. On the other hand, we aim for these startups to spark a paradigm shift in technological development. We prioritize domestic development of system/subsystem solutions, which are strategically important in our country, from design to production stage with unique design capability. We want startups to be able to form a technology cluster together with visionary instiitutions, as we believe that grounded ideas flourish thanks to experience. Besides, we know that a good enterprise consists of diligent people who believe in themselves, so we emphasize teamwork.

As a foundation, one of our goals is to turn the local capitalist into a technology investor. We invite capital owners who currently prefer safer investment instruments to invest in national technology startups to realize the National Technology Initiative. In this way, we support our startups with our investor network and venture capital funds.

The foundation was established with individual donations made by its founders. The foundation receives sponsorship from institutions that wish to support the specific projects it carries out.