#TEKNOFEST Entrepreneurship Stories I Co Print I Hüseyin Özen

They competed in TEKNOFEST Fighter UAV Competition in 2019. Following their success in the competition and experience, they focused on developing their 3D printer. They produced a 3D printer equipment, named “Co Print” after their R&D studies and they established a company for it. They launched a campaign through Kickstarter, and they closed a sale of over 2 million TRY. Their work attracted the interest of investors in a short time, and they received an investment of over 3 million TRY from over a thousand investors, through crowdfunding. They continue exporting high-tech products from Türkiye to world with their startup that recorded a turnover of over 3 million TRY in 2021.

Hüseyin Özen, co-founder of Co Print, shared their entrepreneurship story.

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