Bilim Türkiye Excitement TEKNOFEST

We are also at TEKNOFEST Ankara in order to bring science, technology and art to large masses, increase our children's communication with science and increase their interest in these fields! 

At TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aerospace and Technology Festival, as Bilim Türkiye, we meet with TEKNOFEST lovers with events suitable for all ages in the T3 Foundation Stand, Science Hall, Virtual Reality Tunnel and Planetarium areas throughout the festival.

The valuable trainers of the Bilim Türkiye family are excitedly waiting for the day when they will be filled with science from the first day to the last day of the festival together with our participants! 

Register your visitor and join us for fun events at the festival that will take place at Ankara Etimesgut Airport on 30 August - 3 September! 

Science Hall

All our children visiting the festival area will have the opportunity to discover and experience scientific concepts with 15 different workshops, 75 different educational topics and various experimental setups, in 7 different themes, suitable for the ages of 6, 9 and 10-14, located in Science Hall. The main purpose of our workshops is to raise awareness about science and mathematics through children and enable them to work creatively in cooperation.

Virtual Reality Tunnel

Visitors to the Virtual Reality Tunnel, which will be located in the TEKNOFEST area, will have an unforgettable experience with their journey into space, and will take a quick leap into the virtual world in the company of technology and science. The Virtual Reality Tunnel will be open to all participants aged 5 and over during the festival.


Our Planetarium area, where the artificial image of the sun, stars, planets and other celestial bodies is reflected on the dome-shaped ceiling with the help of a special reflector, will await its visitors throughout the festival. With the planetarium, our participants will be presented with abstract concepts belonging to the depths of space, and it will be ensured that they have information about these subjects.

Participation in all events is free.
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