Bilim Türkiye Trainer Training Program Started

Bilim Türkiye Trainer Training Program is being held in Manisa between June 13-16.

Within the scope of the program attended by 103 people from 15 different centers implementing Bilim Türkiye Education Programs, a total of 42 hours of training will be offered under 11 different topics for 4 days.

Bilim Türkiye Trainer Training Program continues to offer participants the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, develop and share their skills through an intensive and interactive training experience in a wide range of fields.

On the first day, the program focused on topics such as creative drama and diction training with the participation of individuals with special needs. On the second day of the program, training was provided in different areas such as Drone Kit Training, Karelok Kit Training, Financial Literacy in Children, Nature Trip Training, Glass Design, CODAP Program Training and Child Entrepreneurship.

On the third day of the program, participants will focus on lesson plan writing activities and improve their skills in this field with the Lesson Plan Development Training. The program will be completed with a city tour excursion program planned to strengthen social interaction among the participants.