Education Support from Türkiye's Festival TEKNOFEST

A Total of 65 thousand Tablets within the Scope of Tablet Campaign for Youth!

Great support came from TEKNOFEST stakeholders, of which we are the coordinator, for the campaign started by our Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Board of TEKNOFEST Selçuk Bayraktar saying, "As BAYKAR, we donate 10 thousand tablets in order to support the education of our students affected by the earthquake from where they left off, and to contribute to their work in the YKS and LGS process." 

Responding to the call of Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of T3 Foundation, who invited our entire nation and institutions to this meaningful campaign, our TEKNOFEST stakeholders shed light on the education lives of the students who were affected by the disaster by donating tablets. To the campaign;

ASELSAN, 10,000 
BAYKAR, 10,000 
HAVELSAN, 5,000 
ROKETSAN, 5,000 
SANKO, 5,000 
SSTEK, 2,000 
STM, 6,000 
TEI, 3,000 
THY, 5,000 
TURKCELL, 3,000 
TAI, 5,000

A total of 65,000 tablets were donated. The donated tablets will be delivered to the Ministry of National Education to be distributed to the disaster-stricken students who will enter the YKS and LGS in the earthquake zone.