Our Bilim Türkiye Family is Growing, Bilim Samsun Has Been Opened

As the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, we continue to bring together Turkey's children who are curious and open to exploring, do not set limits to their dreams in science and technology, with science.

Bilim Samsun“ has been the last member of our Bilim Türkiye family, where we aim to spread science and technology all over Türkiye with the goal of ”a Türkiye that develops technology". The number of our “Bilim Türkiye” training program implementation centers has reached a total of 14, including 2 countries, 7 provinces together with Bilim Samsun. Opened to service in Samsun City Park, Bilim Samsun has drawn a great interest by students since the first day, where students experience the happiness of learning by participating in applied workshop trainings and experimenting. 

7 Science Workshops with a Capacity of 20 Students!


Technology Workshop, Aerospace Workshop, Mathematics Workshop, Natural Sciences Workshop, Design Workshop, Entrepreneurship Workshop are among the 7 currently active science workshops, each of which has a capacity of 20 students. These workshops that are attended by students in the 6-14 age group, have also Bir Dünya Keşif Exhibition Zone with 15 different experimental mechanisms that enable students to gain experience by embodying abstract concepts.

We aim to contribute to the mental and social development of students with our practical training programs prepared by professional instructors at Bilim Samsun. We, as Bilim Samsun that opens up new horizons to students, are waiting for students to introduce them our different and fun educational contents, which we developed to raise a generation that can learn by themselves, work collaboratively, have developed creative and critical thinking skills.