TEKNOFEST, Ankara'da Kapılarını Açtı!


TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, opened its doors to technology and science enthusiasts in Ankara on the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

TEKNOFEST, the first of which was held in 2018, is being organized for the 7th time this year in Turkey and the 8th time in Ankara and in total. Under the leadership of the Technology Team Foundation of Turkey (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the event is organized with 125 stakeholder institutions, including ministries, presidencies, public and private sector organizations, academic institutions and media companies that play a critical role in Turkey's national technology ecosystem.

TEKNOFEST Ankara, which embraces and brings millions together with the vision of "National Technology Initiative" for a fully independent Turkey, carries the enthusiasm and excitement to the skies again.

The opening ceremony of the event, which opened its doors at 09:00 today, took place at 14:30 with the Minister of Industry and Technology Mr. Fatih Kacır and TEKNOFEST Chairman Mr. Selçuk Bayraktar.

TEKNOFEST Chairman Bayraktar: TEKNOFEST will grow bigger every year.

TEKNOFEST Chairman Bayraktar said, "TEKNOFEST will grow even bigger every year. Seedlings that take root will become trees. As these trees grow, the self-confidence of our youth will increase even more. These trees that the TEKNOFEST generation will grow will give peace to humanity."

Minister Kacır The National Technology Move is the TEKNOFEST generation, there is no turning back from this path.

Minister of Industry and Technology Kacır said, "National Technology Move means fully independent, value-added producing, highly competitive Turkey. The National Technology Move is the TEKNOFEST generation, there is no turning back from this path, there is no stopping or pausing on this path."
On the first day of the festival, which continues with "Rafadan Tayfa Technological Crew", "Hürkuş and Gökbey Musical" and "Tuluyhan Uğurlu Concert", visitors will have the opportunity to experience many activities from vertical wind tunnel to solar observation, from space-themed children's park to simulation experiences and to participate in educational workshops.

Technology and Startup Competitions Continue

"Agricultural Technologies", "Transportation and Mobility Technologies", "Communication and Communication Technologies", "Space, Aviation and Defense Technologies", "Education Technologies" and "Disaster Management Technologies" competitions are among the events to be held on the first day.

The Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition, organized to expand the project portfolio of the locally developed Deneyap Kart and to bring project productivity together with high technology enthusiasts, will also be held for the first time at TEKNOFEST Ankara.

Within the scope of TEKNOFEST Venture Competition, more than 7 million liras in total and 270 thousand liras in total will be awarded within the scope of Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition.

Continuing until September 3, the festival is waiting for TEKNOFEST lovers.
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