TEKNOFEST Continues With Its Fourth Day Without Slowing Down

TEKNOFEST Ankara, the world's largest Aerospace, and Technology Festival, once again attracted great attention with its full program on its fourth day.. Ankara Etimesgut Airport hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors today.

On the fourth day of TEKNOFEST, Foreign Affairs Minister Hakan Fidan, Justice Minister Yılmaz Tunç, and Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin paid a visit.. Türkiye's First Space Travelers Meet TEKNOFEST Visitors...

As part of the National Space Program, Alper Gezeravcı, selected from among thousands for Türkiye's first manned space mission in the 100th year of our Republic, who will go to the International Space Station, and the backup astronaut Tuva Cihangir Atasever, met with visitors on the fourth day of TEKNOFEST along with Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır. During the meeting held at the Ministry of Industry and Technology's booth, Minister Kacır stated, "When we set out on this journey, we planned TEKNOFEST not only as a technology festival but also as an aviation and space festival. Just as our country has achieved great things in defense and aviation, we aim to undertake significant projects in the field of space in the coming years. We always highlight space activities at every TEKNOFEST. In Istanbul TEKNOFEST, our President introduced Türkiye’s first space travelers to the Turkish nation and the global public a few months ago. They have undergone training in Türkiye and the United States during this process. Now, we are in the final countdown. In a few months, we will make history by sending them to the international space station." After the meeting, space travelers Alper Gezeravcı and backup astronaut Tuva Cihangir Atasever, who will carry the flag symbolizing Türkiye's strength and determination to space, signed autographs for TEKNOFEST visitors.

Eyes Were Once Again on the Skies of Ankara…

Our domestically produced and national aircraft, Gökbey and Anka, performed a passage flight in the sky. The joint formation flight of our National Pride, the
Turkish Stars, and Akıncı, as well as Solo Türk's breathtaking performance, received a great applause from the audience. The demonstration of the Atak Helicopter, the Steel Wings, parachute jumps from the CN-235 CASA, and the salute parade of the S-70 and BEL-429 also garnered attention in the skies of Ankara.

Mazhar Alanson Takes the Stage at TEKNOFEST…

The main stage of TEKNOFEST, where every hour and minute was packed with activities, hosted the esteemed artist Mazhar Alanson on the evening of the fourth day. Performing on stage for the first time after the passing of Özkan Uğur from the MFÖ trio, Mazhar Alanson provided the visitors with enjoyable moments.

Exhibitions, Events, Science Street…

In addition to technology and startup competitions, fair event areas, there were workshop activities for the 6-14 age group in Science Street. The event also featured an Aircraft and Land Vehicles Exhibition, Planetarium, Vertical Wind Tunnel, Climate Tunnel, Virtual Reality Tunnel, Solar Observation Activity, Inflatable Space-themed Play Park, First Flight Activity with Students, Pedal Flight Activity, Refik Anadol's "Machine Memories: Space" Exhibition, Your Stage Activity, the inaugural TEKNOFEST Discovery Game, and many more activities that filled the festival with excitement and pride for the visitors. As always, TEKNOFEST Ankara featured promotional and activity booths for participating companies. In total, 261 booths were set up at the festival, including 158 booths by 131 participant companies, along with 103 Stakeholder Institutions and 16 Sponsors, 90 Companies from 11 sectors, and 41 food court participants.

With the goal of advancing technology in Türkiye, the event is organized in collaboration with 125 institutions, including ministries, presidencies, public and private sector organizations, academic institutions, and media companies, which play a critical role in our national technology ecosystem, under the main coordination of the Türkiye Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye.