TEKNOFEST Startup Program's Second Term Has Started

TEKNOFEST Startup Program's 2nd term received a total of 415 applications, including 314 for Pre-Incubation Program and 101 for Acceleration Program. As a result of the evaluations, 17 startups were selected, 8 of which were for Acceleration and 9 for the Pre-Incubation program.

150,000 TRY for Pre-Incubation Program startups and 300,000 TRY for Acceleration Program startups will be provided in the 2nd term of the Program and startups will be supported in 12 different fields for 6 months. Startups which have been entitled to graduate from the program will join Startup Demonstration Day at TEKNOFEST İstanbul between April 27 and May 1, then they will meet with investors and acknowledged mentors within Take Off İstanbul.

TEKNOFEST Startup Program's 2nd Term Startups

Acceleration Program

1- Anadolu Robotics
It is developing unmanned underwater and surface vehicles that perform many underwater and surface activities such as Reconnaissance-Observation, Security, Welding-Construction, in an autonomous or remotely controlled way.

2- 3 AGE
It continues to work to eliminate the inequality of opportunity in health with its artificial intelligence-supported tele-health software and hardware product. Infirmary - Digital Health Centre named after Infirmary - Digital Health Centre.

3- Rise Technology
Rise Technology, working to make the use of simulation methods in medical and health education mobile, user-friendly and reasonably priced, offers software and hardware-based solutions.

4- Move On
Move On, which carries out its activities with the motto of artificial intelligence-based agricultural technologies, is the only company in Türkiye out of the 5 companies in the world that make tractors autonomous.

5- Medroco
It is a hardware and software manufacturer based on neuroplasticity-based exercise and aims to bring users and experts together for remote therapy and exercise in a data-driven manner.

6- HydroBorPem-Hebunk
Hebunk, which produces hydrogen battery powered scooters, continues its work with a scooter product that has twice the longer range compared to electric scooters, can climb all kinds of slopes and be recharged in 5 minutes.

7- Kodgem
Kodgem, which produces wearable technology that improves the quality of life of office employees, continues to develop products in order to have a healthy posture and facilitate regular exercise.

8- CatchPad
CatchPad is working on an interactive exercise platform supported by a mobile application that supports physical and mental development with 100s of gamified activities, as well as providing statistics on performance.

Pre-Incubation Program
1- Markas Machine Technology
It produces electronic flight control and recording equipment equipped in accordance with environmental conditions with the IoT infrastructure that can be used in Model Rocketry and Atmospheric Balloon projects.

2- Nevasoft
It works on decision support system that helps haematology and oncology specialists in the diagnosis of blood diseases such as leukaemia etc. with the artificial intelligence supported blood analysis software.

3- SoilBiom
SoilBiom is developing a plant-specific fertilizer supporting preparation that increases plant resistance and yield with endophytic bacteria that will be detected at the species level by the eDNA method.

4- Rovense
It works on drone and inspection software, which allows the user to perform a detailed inspection on the model by entering enclosed environments that people have difficulty accessing and extracting a 3-Dimensional model of this environment.

5- Fladriw
It works on a product that creates an image of a vein in order to facilitate the establishment of vascular access or venepuncture.

6- Helimore Aviation
It is developing a drone with a spraying capacity of 10 litres, providing autonomous flight at designated locations, detecting harmful weeds in the area through snapshot processing techniques and then spraying.

7- BioCountix
It produces an artificial intelligence-based autonomous colony counter that performs bacterial colony counting operations in food and water microbiology tests with high accuracy within seconds.

8- KiDoSe
It offers educational package services by developing materials that families can spend a healthy time with their children and have an educational feature.

9- Mind Maze Game
It continues its studies on creating an educational platform that works on combining education with modern technology by turning the middle school and high school curriculum into 2D or 3D games.