We Are Working To Be Able To Put a Smile On Our Children's Faces

Together with our volunteers, we have been continuing our relief efforts in the earthquake zone since the first day, we continue to make children smile in tent cities, provide both moral and educational support. We started our activities by setting up the “T3 Foundation Game and Activity Tent” in tent and container cities in order to support the educational processes of young children affected by the earthquake and to accelerate their participation in social life.

We meet at the T3 Foundation's Game and Activity Tent

We serve to hundreds of children with the T3 Foundation’s Game and Activity Tents operating in 12 different spots in Adıyaman, Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Hatay and Malatya. The locations where our Game and Activity Tents serve are as follows;

- Adıyaman: Eğriçayı Tent City, Adıyaman University Tent City
- Kahramanmaraş: Kafum Tent City, Avşar Tent City, Elbistan Pınarbaşı Recreation Zone Tent City, Pazarcık Tent City
- Gaziantep: Nurdağı Tent City, İslahiye Kalyon Tent City
- Hatay: Boynuyoğun Temporary Shelter Site, Defne Orhanlı Tent City
- Malatya: Maşti Tent City, Beydağı Çadır Kenti