Bilim Üsküdar is implemented with the cooperation of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, TÜBİTAK and Üsküdar Municipality. Bilim Üsküdar aims to make science and technology understandable and accessible to the society by enabling individuals from different age groups and different backgrounds  meeting with science.

Bilim Üsküdar have 5 different workshop areas which are Natural Sciences, Technology, Astronomy, Aviation and Space, Mathematics and Design. Workshops with hands-on activities are suitable for 6-14 age groups. Exhibition areas appeal to visitors of all ages; consisting of more than 300 units in 8 different themes, A World of Discovery, Communication, Robotics, Automotive, Finance, Blue Planet, 24 Hours of Our Body, and National Technologies in the Sky and Beyond.

Turkey's Most Comprehensive Science Center

Bilim Üsküdar presents the model of “Turkey's Most Comprehensive Science Center” with its planetarium, library, conference hall, training halls, Science Cafe, Entrepreneurship Center and Deneyap Technology Workshop.