Conducting the projects related to entrepreneurship within the T3 Foundation that operates with the goal a Türkiye that develops technology, T3 Startup Center carries out four different projects.

T3 Startup Center is intended for removing the technical, commercial and financial barriers in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Türkiye against the formation of startups focused on national technology, their development and extending to the world market, bringing startups that producing products with high added value for Turkish economy by transforming domestic capital owners into technology entrepreneurs and training qualified candidate entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship training programs offered to students.

1. Entrepreneur Training Program
Entrepreneur Training Program (ETP) is an educational program that is carried out to make high school and university students interested in entrepreneurship adopt this mindset.
The Candidate Entrepreneur Training Program is carried out completely online, and it consists of four different titles: Entrepreneurship Trainings, Book Meetings, Workshops and Inspiration Meetings where candidate entrepreneurs meet with actors from the sector.

2. TEKNOFEST Startup Program
TEKNOFEST Initiative Program is organized specifically for teams or team members, who are university or higher level and have participated in competitions, organized within TEKNOFEST and executed by T3 Startup Center, and have become finalist.
For this purpose, TEKNOFEST Startup Program includes two different programs: Pre-Incubation Program with a grant of ₺150,000 for teams who have a business idea and desire to implement it and Acceleration Program with a grant of ₺300,000 for teams who have launched their startup with the projects they have already developed.

For more information: https://www.teknofest.org/en/programlar/teknofest-girisim-programi/

3. Take Off Startup Summit
Enriching the region and entrepreneurship ecosystem since 2018, Take Off Startup Summit hosted more than 600 invited startups, 140 speakers and over 400 investors and experts at the end of 2022.
Take Off Startup Summit extended to abroad in 2022 for the first time, and it completed the year with two summits: Take Off Baku in May and Take Off Istanbul in October.
You can access all the contents of current and past years through www.takeoffistanbul.com.

4. T3SC Investment Program
T3 Startup Center has been conducting the Investment Program since 2017. It is aimed to introduce early-advanced stage technology startups to investors, investment networks, organizations and companies that may be potential customers and to accelerate the market entry process of entrepreneurs benefitting from such opportunities as office space and consulting services. With this program, it is aimed to prevent obstacles for technology startups from accessing resources.
The program application process is open throughout the year and applications are evaluated monthly.